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private dog sledding Canmore

What could be better than Canadian dog sledding tours? How about private dog sledding in Canmore! Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime, fully customizable private dog sledding experience when you book a tour with Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours. Be sure to book in advance to ensure that our resources are available during your desired time with us. Sometimes, when guests wait until the last minute to book, we are not able to accommodate them in the way that they want because our schedule is already filled.

When you schedule private dog sledding in Canmore with Snowy Owl, it will be only you and whomever you bring with you, along with your sled dog team, instructor sled, and Mother Nature. You can customize your tour according to your needs and desires as Snowy Owl offers multiple tour options, ranging from a few hours to a few days.

The Benefits of Private Dog Sledding in Canmore

When you're on the sled, it is one of the most peaceful settings in the world! It's just you and mother nature. All you can hear is the crisp winter wind breezing past your ears and the sound of the dogs running. Indeed, many of our guests have said that dog sledding is one of the most peaceful experiences they've ever enjoyed! Everyone knows that dog sledding is super-fun, but who knew that so many people would use the experience to escape from the world - even temporarily!

Whether you schedule your tour for an hour, three hours, or three days, you can get away from the noise, stress, and the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. When you're dog sledding, you don't need to check emails or pay attention to what's going on anywhere else in the world. It's an adventure and a retreat.

Are Private Dog Sledding Tours Ethical?

A lot of dog lovers mistakenly think that letting dogs pull sleds and run excessively is cruel and inhumane, but in reality, nothing could be further from the truth! Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours' dogs have been bred to run and pull. In fact, when they are performing these tasks, they are at their happiest. All you have to do is show them a harness, and our dogs go nuts! They get stoked about running because it's what they love to do most!

How Does Snowy Owl Choose Which Dogs Will Pull Sleds?

First, any dog that will pull sleds must have a great desire to travel and a great appetite because they will be burning excessive calories when they are running. It's no surprise that our dogs have been specifically bred for this task. Sled dogs must have tough feet, and they must follow orders unconditionally. When a dog is as young as six-months-old, we will begin training them for the job by letting them run along with the pack. We'll see how they perform in a harness and go from there. Older dogs are assigned to shorter tours, and younger, stronger dogs are assigned to longer tours.


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private dog sledding Canmore
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