Wholesale Containers

Wholesale Containers

If you have a beverage business, one of the most important things about your product is always the packaging. Buying bulk bottles will be the norm in this type of business, and it is essential that you know the options you have to ensure the best experience for your customers. Usually, when buying bulk bottles, we think directly of two materials that have dominated the market for years: glass and plastic. In this article, we will compare those two materials so you know what you need to make the right choice depending on what your customers need and the conditions of your business.

To make the comparison as helpful as possible, we will compare both materials in different categories and describe how they perform in each. After reading this article, you will have a better idea about what you need in your next wholesale purchase of glass or plastic jars. Let's get to it.

Comparison between our plastic containers vs. our glass containers

Uses Glass Wholesale glass bottles have been around in various industries for decades, and in some cases, centuries. This material is one of the most reliable materials anyone can use to package beverages, pharmaceuticals, or other substances. Our team at Feldman Industries has extensive experience working with wholesale glass container orders nationwide, so don't hesitate to ask us anything about it.


The applications in which you can use our plastic bottles and containers are not far behind. We have customers in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, beverage, and even cosmetic industries. Depending on your product and your needs, plastic may be a better option because of its versatility, lower price than glass, and ease of transportation (lighter than glass).

Versatility Glass

Although less customizable than plastic, in this case, Glass also has some elements that you can modify to adapt our bottles and containers to your needs, such as glass clarity, barriers, or hermetic sealing. Generally, our bottles come in translucent or amber colors, but there is also the possibility of passing the material through secondary coloring processes to customize the containers to your liking.


Buying plastic bottles in bulk is the option most chosen by our customers for the simple reason that it is easier to customize the order according to what they need. Our items can vary in size and colors, so it is almost certain that you will be able to materialize any vision you have in mind if you choose this material.

Sustainability Glass

Glass requires you to buy less packaging in the long run because it's a material that you can reuse for a long time. But that doesn't necessarily mean it's an environmentally friendly product, and the amount of energy used in its manufacture is more significant than that required by plastic.


Plastics, although they may seem less environmentally friendly than glass at first glance, have come a long way in this respect. Today the production of this type of packaging can be done through processes that use less energy. In any case, both materials are easy to recycle, so there is no clear advantage of one over the other in this respect. Contact us to find out which packaging solution best suits your needs! 203-458-6005

Wholesale Containers
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