The Ultimate Turks & Caicos Experience starts with Tip.

Just south of the Bahamas islands chains, the nation of Turks and Caicos is known for its welcoming atmosphere, electric island culture, and great weather. Thousands of visitors visit the small country and stay at our many Turks and Caicos beach house rentals. Tip of The Tail sets itself apart from other Turks and Caicos luxury rentals and focuses on enabling guests to experience the island in a way that other Turks and Caicos rental properties simply cannot.

While the majority of house rentals in Providenciales are on the north side of the island, Tip of The Tail is set amongst the idyllic south side of the island for increased privacy, wildlife exposure and opportunity for adventure. And that’s just where the differences start, because other Turks and Caicos house rentals are nothing like Tip. Where the average rental homes in Turks and Caicos are British colonial style houses packed to the brim with doors, bedrooms and shutters, everything about Tip of The Tail was envisioned to maximize the guest experience.

A huge 9 foot tall by 5 feet wide front door pivots open to reveal an expansive entry way and open concept floor plan. Massive floor-to-ceiling, wall-length retractable sliding doors shatter the colonial stereotype and seamlessly break down the barriers between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Every bedroom connects to the gigantic 2,000 square foot terrace that sets a new standard for Turks and Caicos beach rentals.

Boasting electric influences from Miami combined with soft pastel coloring of Mykonos, Tip is famous for its unique characteristics, leveraging the natural beauty of its surroundings and elevating itself above other Turks and Caicos vacation homes. A completely white exterior sparkles in the Caribbean sunshine, making this one of the most magnificent Turks and Caicos homes. A glass-walled pool stands amongst our other engineering marvels unique throughout all the Turks and Caicos homes for rent.

Despite the abundance of Providenciales rentals, no other beach house in Turks and Caicos can say that it has its own private beach crated by hand. Tip’s beach sports palm trees, a volleyball net and palapas, and is situated next to a natural lagoon, teeming with a full ecosystem and mangroves to explore. Indoors, Tip of The Tail brings your island experience to your table. Our on-site chef brings the kitchen to life with all the flavors of the Caribbean you could imagine, and more. Request some of your favorite flavors, enjoy foods from home, or fire up familiar cuisine with new and exciting spices.

With all of this and more, it’s no wonder why Tip of The Tail is amongst the highest rated Turks and Caicos rentals. We can’t wait for you to experience why Tip of The Tail is one of the most amazing Turks and Caicos houses. Looking for a more permanent stay? Tip of The Tail is also one of the most sought after Turks and Caicos houses for sale. Contact us for more information on how you could own this piece of paradise.

Tip of the Tail’s breathtaking glass-wall pool is one of the villa’s most beloved features. Make a splash or wade in with the sunset and experience the sensation of being one with the ocean. The pool is equipped with LED lights that can be programmed to your exact favorite hue, or set to be in tune with the villa-wide music system. Pool party, or romantic midnight swim? You set the tone. Looking for the best seat in the house? Our 10-person cabana lounger is just the relaxation spot you’ve been searching for. Each of the four upper bedrooms feature access to seamless indoor/outdoor living on our expansive 2,000 square foot terrace. Perfect for sunbathing, reading a book or enjoying a seafood fare on, Tip of the Tail’s terrace is lined in glass and exudes an atmosphere that marries Miami with the Tropics. Step down the stairs adjacent to the pool into Tip of the Tail’s courtyard where you’ll find our 20-person fire pit enclave designed to ignite the senses in the heat of the night. The fire pit allows you and your party to create your own nightlife in a setting that is both intimate and extravagant, all in the same breath. Welcome to a villa whose backyard begs the question — ‘what kind of beach-goer are you?’. Tip of the Tail features two beach landscapes that join together as one. For the wanderlust traveller who dreams of blue skies, soft sand and blue lagoons, our beautiful white-sand beach is for you. Escape the sun on a lounger beneath our palapas designed to elevate your beach experience like never before. For the children, and children at heart, Tip of the Tail’s second beach landscape is filled with millions of shells – a treasure trove for every young explorer. Regardless of which landscape you choose, wade into the lagoon set amongst the most vivid and lush mangroves in the Caribbean. Warm, blue, clean and safe water awaits you. Next question: what are you searching for in — or on — the water? Tip of the Tail is equipped with kayaks, stand-up paddle boards and water toys to keep you active while on vacation, or to explore the channel that feeds life into the mangroves. Looking for a high-speed thrill? We’re partnered with our neighbouring marina — home to mega yachts and beautiful catamarans — meaning you can have a jetski delivered right to your backyard (or in this case, your lagoon). While the beautiful soft sand of Tip of the Tail’s private lagoon is breathtaking and inviting, some will always prefer the thrill of the open ocean. Tip of the Tail is unique in that it is both lagoon-front, and ocean-front. Step onto the warm wood of your private splash dock atop the villa’s coastal edge and dive into the clearest, warmest water you’ve ever experienced. Snorkel with the abundant marine life or allow us to arrange a tender to a nearby yacht. Our villa is one with the ocean, and we want our guests to be, too. In case you planned on spending any of your vacation inside, we’ve outfitted Tip of the Tail with the most sumptuous, luxurious and tasteful comforts of home. Contemporary in architecture and design, and warmed with hues of the ocean, Tip of the Tail was built by master craftsmen and architects to create seamless indoor/outdoor living. With everything from high-end kitchen appliances, silverware and wine glasses, to laundry facilities, to lockable storage and safes in each room, to a wine & spirits fridge and bar, Tip of the Tail was built for living. Prior to the construction of Tip of The Tail, Providenciales villa rentals consisted of colonial style homes with an emphasis on sleeping instead of experiencing. Tip of The Tail looks to challenge this archetype of Providenciales villas. Encompassed by nature, Tip of The Tail draws influence on lifestyle and architectural queues from destinations such as Miami and Mykonos to promote exploration and seamless indoor/outdoor transitions. With gleaming white walls and colorful outdoor lighting, Tip of The Tail insures that the standard for Turks and Caicos Villas will never be the same again.