This luxury villa rental in Turks & Caicos is a design marvel!

This luxury villa rental in Turks & Caicos is a design marvel!

Rising from the Caribbean sea just 400 miles south of the Bahamas is Tip of the Tail – a modern, contemporary villa designed to marry the awe-inspiring outdoor ocean setting with luxury indoor living.

Built by father-and-son duo Tyler and Glenn Garrard, Tip of the Tail Villa has a unique backstory that serves as the foundation for its design, architectural prowess, and the purposeful relationship between the property’s amenities and its landscape.

Tip of the Tail is located on Providenciales, the economic and tourism hub of the Turks and Caicos Islands. The location is unique – it isn’t quite like any other island in the Caribbean. Sunny, dry, rocky and arid, yet lush in mangroves and tropical flora, Providenciales (or “Provo” as the locals call it) is the perfect backdrop for a villa designed for all tastes; the luxury retreaters, the adventures, the party goers, the family of four, or the honeymooners.

And here’s why.

“It’s the perfect blend between modern and electric Miami, and sensual and pastel Mykonos” said Glenn Garrard, the villa’s designer, owner and operator. He wanted to build something that brought out the best in the natural surroundings, but also, something that was fundamentally different from the dozens of rental villas that dot the Provo coast.

“Before Tip, the status quo for luxury villa rentals in Turks and Caicos was old luxury” says Glenn. “Colonial-style homes with 10 bedrooms and an emphasis on sleeping versus experiencing. Tip breaks the mould – our guests are here to experience, not sleep”.

But even when it comes to sleeping, Tip of the tail does it different, and does it right. The villa has five guest bedrooms, including two identical master suites on either end of the compound, so nobody fights for the biggest beds and the best views. In fact, all four upper-level bedrooms have the same view, overlooking the glass-walled pool deck and the warm hues of the Caribbean sea.

The home has over 10,000 square feet of luxury living space, including over 2,000 square feet of purposeful, thoughtful outdoor living.

The architecture is simple, yet utterly mesmerizing. Much like the estates on Ocean Drive in Miami or the coastline of Mykonos, a flat-white exterior beams in the Caribbean sunlight. Everything looks and feels clean, white, open and airy – the way ocean living was meant to be.

There’s no mistaking the modern inspirations behind Tip of the Tail when you walk through the front door – and what a door it is. Over 9 ft. tall and 5 feet wide, it’s utterly imposing, yet easy to open. And when it opens for the first time, you can’t help but struggle to pick your jaw up from off the floor.

When you walk in, you instantly realize why this is one of the top-rated Turks & Caicos vacation homes. The open-concept floor plan leaves little to be desired by way of views – and speaking of views, there are a ton of things to look at out of the living/dining area’s massive floor-to-ceiling retractable glass doors.

There’s almost no need for lighting systems in the home’s main foyer – the sun and ocean beam indoors and fill the space with natural sunlight.

Tip of the Tail’s build quality is immaculate. From the fully-integrated pool deck, which features a glass-walled pool that overlooks the villa’s private beach to the left, and an ocean-side dock to the right, to the tiles, fixtures and finishes in the bathrooms, kitchen and common areas, the designers spared no expense to make Tip the premier rental home in Turks & Caicos.

“I wanted our guests to have all five of their senses activated in every corner of the villa” said Glenn. And do they ever activate here.

The overarching design concept of indoor-outdoor living at Tip transitions seamlessly from one zone to the next. The villa even makes use of space created as a biproduct of the design; beneath the pool deck area is a serene, tranquil yoga garden and outdoor exercise area with a pathway leading to the indoor/outdoor splash bar and party room.

Needless to say, mimosa-fueled yoga is a guest-favorite here.

The owner says that the villa is constantly evolving to meet not only guest needs, but to maintain its position as the most luxurious villa rental in Turks & Caicos. “One of the benefits of our contemporary design is the fact that our entire roof space is flat.” Hinting at a possible rooftop party space in the future, Glenn goes on to explain how guest feedback has shaped the ever-evolving landscape of the property.

“Turks and Caicos is a relatively flat island. It’s the perfect canvas for us to drop in palm trees or carve out our own enclave on the beach.” Says Glenn. He is literally manufacturing the perfect vacation space, both inside and out.

One scroll through or will have potential renters noticing the difference; Tip of the Tail truly is unique in its design, setting, architecture and ethos.

And something tells us, there’s more where that came from.

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