Our FULLY STAFFED Rental Villa in Turks & Caicos!

Our FULLY STAFFED Rental Villa in Turks & Caicos!

At Tip of the Tail Villa in Turks & Caicos, we believe in pampering our guests at all touchpoints of their stay at our home. We are constantly evolving our guest experience to provide our international clientele with the absolute best in terms of the attention to detail, level of service, and privacy and security that our team offers.

In this article, we’ll explore the different functions of our on-site team, and how they remain committed and dedicated to making sure every aspect of your stay with us is exceptional.


We believe that one of the most critical aspects of guest experience here at Tip of the Tail Villa is the culinary experience they have with our on-site chef. The flavors of the Caribbean come alive at Tip of the Tail as our chef introduces you to on-island cultural experiences that will have  you instagramming and snapchatting every meal. Our culinary team is adaptive and can tailor to your party’s individual tastes. So, whether you’re looking for our local flavors, or the comforts of home, simply let our team know, and we’ll build a menu tailored to you. If anyone in your party requires a vegetarian, vegan, halal or kosher meal, or would like us to avoid certain ingredients due to allergies or simple preferences, we’ll be sure to accommodate everyone’s needs and tastes.

Dine at our formal dining table designed to seat up to 15 adults comfortably, or indulge in a more casual dining experience by having dinner in our firepit, on our poolside loungers, or on the beach by the water. It’s up to you!


Our on-site concierge, or villa manager, lives in the villa on the lower level in our separate, designated staff quarters. Our manager is available 24/7 to facilitate any needs you may have while you’re on-property, from dinner recommendations and bookings, to party setup and takedown, to general assistance and helpful tips on the best ways to enjoy our villa.


Our villa manager can also assist you in bookings for activities, events and charters outside of Tip of the Tail, too! Whether you’re looking to book an exciting water excursion with one of our many on-island partners, a trek to all corners of the island, or to simply rent a car or request a driver, our villa manager is here to make that process simple and effortless. Simply let them know, and they’ll be happy to help.


Our concierge is also trained to help coordinate and book inter-island and arrival/departure charters on private jets and seaplanes. If you require assistance booking these travel arrangements either before or during your stay with us, simply let us know and we’ll contact our on-island and inter-island partners to help expedite the process of arriving or departing from Tip. We can also provide several options for airport transfers, from luxury SUV transfers, to economy transfers, to large group transfers on busses or vans.


Our cleaning and maintenance staff are on-site daily to ensure that Tip’s facilities, bedrooms, bathrooms, common areas and outdoor areas are always clean and in working order. At some point during your stay, our villa manager will check in with you to make sure that these services are meeting all of your expectations. Tip of the Tail is an efficient villa that seeks to reduce our impact on the planet and our beautiful surroundings, so we recommend that our guests re-use their towels when possible, but daily housekeeping and turn-down service are always offered at Tip.


At Tip of the Tail, our concierge extends all the way to the owner of our property, Glenn Garrard. As the designer and operator of the villa, Glenn wants to make sure that your stay is absolutely exceptional. Once on-property, our villa manager will provide you with Glenn’s direct line and E-mail so that you can contact him with any questions, comments or concerns while staying at Tip.

We are proud to offer our guests an award-winning concierge at Tip of the Tail Villa, and we can’t wait to meet you on-island!

Contact us today to book your stay at Tip of the Tail Villa, or ask your travel agency to connect with our concierge team to begin the booking process.