How Mykonos and Miami inspired this modern Turks & Caicos vacation home

How Mykonos and Miami inspired this modern Turks & Caicos vacation home

Tip of the Tail Villa is located on the island of Providenciales in Turks and Caicos, a small, but mighty, chain of islands just south of the Bahamas. As one of the most spectacular Turks and Caicos Vacation Homes, Tip of the Tail boasts some of the most unique and unseen stylistic choices in both its architecture, and surroundings.

But did you know that the inspiration for our amazing home comes from two ICONIC world cities known for their unique atmosphere and electric vibes? Those two places are Mykonos and Miami, and in this article we’re going to show you how those places have manifested some of their best features right here into the design of our beautiful home.

The Glass-Wall Pool

Nothing says Miami like a good pool party – good music, neon lights, and the sound of warm waves crashing up against the sea. There’s one difference between our pool, and a typical Miami pool, though. OUR pool… has a glass wall! That’s right, the leading edge of this amazing body of water is exposed to its beautiful surroundings by way of a giant plexiglass wall. There’s no other spot in the Turks and Caicos islands where you can enjoy the view of a pristine beach from an elevated angle… while under water! It’s simply remarkable, and in our opinion is one of the island’s most photo-worthy spots. We’d like to think we have Miami beat on this one!

The Light Color Scheme

Mykonos is known for its beautiful white concrete buildings. Something about a clean flat white wall simply lends itself to featuring the surroundings rather than the building itself. In our case, we think our clean, modern, flat white look really achieves the best of both worlds; it highlights the beauty of our location, but also pegs us as one of the island’s most stylish, bold and unique Turks and Caicos vacation homes in the country.

The Surroundings

Turks and Caicos is actually a very unique place, topographically-speaking. It’s slightly drier than our neighbours, and has a rocky, arid feel that when placed next to our unbelievably turquoise waters really sets us apart from anywhere else in the world. But at times, this rocky landscape will remind you of the cliffs of Mykonos, or when you’re lounging on the beach that we’ve perfectly manufactured, it’s hard not to feel the inspiration of the soft Miami coastline.

The Vibe

There’s something to be said about the intangible aspects that make our home unique. The biggest draw of the Mykonos meets Miami spirit is just in the way you feel when you’re here, and trust us, it’s something you have to FEEL to believe. We wanted our guests to feel and live the electric, luxurious vibes of Miami while soaking in the sun in a private, cliffed Mykonos-type setting. Whether it’s through the unforgettable memories you’ll create with your friends or loved ones, or simply a moment of silent reflection while listening to your favorite tunes pool-side, Tip’s vibes well get you – and they’re one of the reasons our guests book with us again and again.

Come see how Miami, Mykonos and the Caribbean come together to create one of the most amazing Turks and Caicos vacation homes – Tip of the Tail Villa.