Tip of the Tail Villa – how to make a super villa vacation affordable!

Tip of the Tail Villa – how to make a super villa vacation affordable!

You’ve seen the media and press coverage on our beautiful villa. You’ve heard the rumors of celebrities frequenting our unforgettable super villa. You’ve wondered how a super villa like Tip of the Tail could be considered “affordable”. Well, we’d like to introduce you to a unique way of travelling that our guests find make their stay more affordable, and even more unforgettable! As one of the top Providenciales rentals, we’d love to meet as many of our fans and wanderlust travellers as possible – here’s how to get to Tip faster, and for less cost.

Find a group

One of the easiest – and quite honestly, most fun – ways of booking Tip of the Tail Villa is to grab as many friends as you can to fill up every bedroom we’ve got. It goes without saying that, when split amongst 10 to 12 people, Tip of the Tail’s nightly rate becomes much more affordable for groups with super-villa taste, but a bed and breakfast budget. At Tip of the Tail, we welcome very diverse types of guests to our villa; sometimes it’s just a couple on their honeymoon; sometimes it’s a family of 5 – and sometimes, it’s a group of best friends (of all ages, we might add!) looking to carve out some unforgettable memories with the friends that matter to them the most. With rates starting at $4800.00/night, Tip of the Tail’s per person nightly rate can become as low as $400 – a relative bargain considering the luxury, privacy, and amenities we have to offer, especially compared to other Providenciales rentals. So what are you waiting for? Go find 11 of your best friends and start the booking process with our concierge team!

Book during our low season

As with all Providenciales rentals, our villa experiences a high season (when the demand for accommodation is very high), and a low season (when less people are travelling to Turks and Caicos). It makes sense then that travelling during our low season is one way to maximize the value of your trip, especially when travelling with a large group of people! Our lowest season is from May 1stto November 30th. The reason why is, as a Caribbean country, this is the hottest time of year for us. And while we love the sun and heat, many travellers in North America would prefer to spend their vacation time somewhere warm, while it’s winter where they live – makes sense! But, if you are flexible with your travel dates, you could get the deal of the century when booking Tip of the Tail Villa during our low season.

Contact us directly

Tip of the Tail is proud to work with all major luxury travel and private accommodation services; they are an essential partner for us and they introduce us to so many wonderful guests who would get the most out of our unique and extravagant home. However, if your travel agent charges you significant booking fees, you may wish to contact us directly via our contact page to get the best available rate, without extra booking or administrative fees. This is especially of value for our repeat guests who stay with us every year, since the savings can be quite significant.

There you have it – three strategies for booking one of the most prestigious Providenciales rentals, Tip of the Tail Villa, on a reduced budget. We hope you find these tips and tricks helpful! For more information on pricing and how to get started booking your unforgettable vacation here in Turks and Caicos, contact our concierge team today!