Why do the stars come to the Turks & Caicos Islands?

Why do the stars come to the Turks & Caicos Islands?

It seems as if the Turks & Caicos Islands are on the tongue of every celebrity from Beverly Hills to the Hamptons.

But what makes the Turks & Caicos Islands such a popular destination for the stars?  Maybe its the great beaches, the perfect climate , the incredible waters or the quiet relaxation,  or  perhaps it is the breathtaking ocean views as seen from the island’s newest luxury villa; Tip Of The Tail.

With 40 islands, 8 of which are inhabited, there is a corner of this island nation that is right for everyone; celebrities and regular people alike.

While cruise ships stop briefly at the historic Island of Grand Turk, the majority of well-heeled vacationers fly into the International Airport on Providenciales, commonly referred to as “Provo”, for longer stays. Provo is the tourism center of this island chain, and only a seventy minute flight from Miami International Airport. As planes descend, passengers you will find it hard to ignore the shallow waters surrounding Provo sparkling like a turquoise gem. One might argue that the love affair with Turks & Caicos begins with this perspective, regardless whether your view is from a private jet or in coach.

There are few resorts in Turks, and accommodation options are on the high-end. Grace Bay Beach is where you will find a string of luxury condos. Don’t expect the high density, tourist-ridden, high rises found in Waikiki, Hawaii.  Turks & Caicos is cautious about development.  Height restrictions only recently increased from 7 stories to 12 within the last two years.

Oceanfront villas are popular options and dot Providenciales shoreline. Occupancy ratios are high, often with many villas renting for 40-50 weeks a year.

One of Provo’s newest luxury homes lays at the end of prestigious Turtle Tail Drive on Provo’s spectacular south coast. Completed in December 2016, the Tip of the Tail Villa is already a hit with all types of celebrities.  It’s clean, contemporary design, combined with breathtaking views and luxurious amenities makes it the perfect hideaway.

You don’t have to be celebrity to rent this villa, but you will feel like a star when you stay here. And – when the sun goes down, the clear night sky will show you all the stars in the universe.


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