Turks & Caicos Villas vs. Hotels – a Tip of Tail Tell-All!

Turks & Caicos Villas vs. Hotels – a Tip of Tail Tell-All!

So, you’re wondering whether to go the villa route or the hotel route for your upcoming stay in Turks and Caicos. We at Tip of the Tail Villa may be *slightly* biased, but we’re pretty sure we can convince you that a private villa is the way to go on your search for Turks and Caicos accommodation! That being said, there are tons of beautiful hotels on-island that we actually love and encourage our guests to enjoy – whether it be for lunch, for golf, or to enjoy some of our island’s most pristine beaches. In this post, we’ll outline some of the benefits of staying in a luxury villa, versus a luxury hotel in Turks and Caicos.

Our favorite hotels

 To have as little bias as possible, allow us to outline some of the hotels that we LOVE here on Provo, and why they are certainly a must-see.


Amanyara, part of the Aman hotel chain, is by far one of our island’s most peaceful and unique luxury hotels. Geographically opposite from Tip of the Tail, Amanyara is located at the northern-most point of Provodenciales, for a slightly different landscape. We love Amanyara for two reasons – the food, and the nature angle. In addition to some really great restaurants, Amanyara also offers their Nature Discovery Center, a place where kids and adults alike can get up close with some of Provo’s most eccentric wildlife.

Beaches Turks & Caicos

With a name like Beaches, you know they’ve got to know a thing or two about sand. And at  Beaches Turks and Caicos, they sure do! We love Beaches because of their location on Grace Bay, with some of the most manicured sand on-island. It’s also family-friendly, so expect to see lots of kids and young families. And while we’re more into gourmet food options, an all-inclusive meal option makes breakfast, lunch and dinner a breeze.

The Venetian on Grace Bay

 If golf is your thing, the Venetian on Grace Bay is one of the best places to be. Just steps from some of Providenciales’ top golf courses, the Venetian is a great option for day activities for both family, and friends. Don’t forget to pack your clubs – with full-service, caddy-lead golf on site, this place is a golfer’s paradise, with some of the most idyllic backdrops in the entire world of golf!

What our favorite hotels don’t offer:

Hotel’s are great – they’re easy, effortless, and a great way to meet people and keep the kids entertained. Often times these reasons are why people choose hotels over villas. But, when it comes to Turks and Caicos accommodation, Tip of the Tail Villa is different – if we do say so ourselves!

We believe that Tip of the Tail has many of the benefits of staying at a hotel, without all the drawbacks, plus a few key differentiating features that make it the ULTIMATE Turks and Caicos accommodation! Here’s what why we think our villa will always outweigh a hotel:

  • The ultimate in privacy and security: Tip of the Tail is purposely situated away from the hotels, and noise of the city center (but conveniently close by car when you do want that excitement!). At Tip, our neighbours are the dolphins and distant yachts of the warm Caribbean sea. With a private driveway guarded by our automated gates, you can’t beat the villa life when it comes to privacy.


  • Facilities that are JUST for you: Sure, hotels have great beaches, pools, activities and lounge areas, but so do we! In fact, we think ours are a level above, with our multiple access points to various waterscapes (our private beach, ocean access and mangroves), our glass-walled pool, our 20-person firepit and our 2,000 square feet of outdoor living space! Most significant though is that you don’t have to share ANY of these facilities with guests outside you party – it’s all for you!


  • An entire staff dedicated to you: The hotels we listed all have impeccable service. But with hundreds of guests all demanding that impeccable service at the same time, is it really “five star”? At Tip of the Tail, our concierge, chef, and security are on staff for you, and only you. That means that any problem, big or small, is dealt with right away, and that every detail in our culinary experiences, housekeeping and facilities maintenance is attentively managed to ensure that your party has the best time of their lives.


  • No limits at Tip of the Tail Villa: At Tip, our kitchen is closed when you’re full, not when we decide it’s closed. Our pool has no schedule – in fact, we encourage late night pool parties! Perhaps most significant, the level of service from our entire concierge team has no limits – we’ll go the extra mile to make sure your birthday, anniversary, celebration or just your holiday in general are nothing short of amazing.

So there you have it! We believe that Tip of the Tail villa offers the BEST Turks and Caicos accommodation. That being said, we love our hotel neighbours and encourage you to enjoy their golf, restaurant and beach facilities during the day – but don’t forget that feeling of coming back to your own private resort – Tip of the Tail Villa.