Top Family Activities in Turks and Caicos!

Top Family Activities in Turks and Caicos!

If you’re visiting Tip of the Tail with kids who love sun, sand and adventure, then we’ve got the master list you need to keep them entertained, educated and full! These are the TOP 7 family attractions in Turks and Caicos, beginning at one of the most iconic Turks and Caicos villa rentals, Tip of the Tail Villa!

  1. Tip of the Tail’s on-site activities:There is so much to do and see right on property at Tip of the Tail villa, especially for a family with kids (of all ages!). First and foremost is our outdoor living space; accented by our glass-walled pool and 2,000 square feet of space to lounge, run and play, this is the ultimate family chill out zone in ALL of Turks and Caicos! Spend time at our 20-person firepit, or venture into the warm Caribbean waters by either jumping off the dock directly into the water, or wading in slowly at our private, man-made beach. Did someone say water toys? Don’t forget to check out our all-clear crystal kayaks, our stand-up paddle boards, and our floatie pool toys, too. Tip of the tail is by far one of the island’s most unreal family paradises!


  1. Grace Bay Beach:You’ve got to get out and see the island while staying at Tip. One of the country’s most iconic beaches is Grace Bay Beach. Known for its soft white sand stretching out for miles, paired with its beautiful turquoise water, Grace Bay is a must for a family that loves BIG beaches. Hunt for beautiful seashells, swim with turtles or simply lounge it up on this idyllic beach setting.


  1. Fish Fry Thursdays:This is the ULTIMATE party on Providenciales! Geared for all ages, there’s something for everyone in your family at this community-lead party that happens every Thursday. Experience amazing food from local vendors, a junkanoo parade that the kids can dance with and take part in, and get a true sense of the cultural signfificance of the Turks and Caicos islands to the Caribbean and the world. The kids will love it!


  1. Big Reef: Big Reef is Turks and Caicos’ version of the Great Barrier Reef – a shallow ocean paradise teeming with life.The kids will love snorkelling with turtles, fish, dolphins and more as they surround themselves in the vibrancy of this underwater kingdom. For more advanced family members, scuba diving is an even better way to explore the reef’s wonders!


  1. Taylor Bay Beach:This beach is by far a guest favorite, since it combines the natural beauty Turks and Caicos’ beaches with a much quitter, intimate setting. Often deserted, Taylor Bay Beach is an idyllic setting for the family who wants to feel like the beach was built just for them.


  1. Cheshire Hall Plantation:Turks and Caicos has so much more to offer her guests than just beautiful beaches, warm weather and the Caribbean sea. This island is rich in history, and for the families and children who want to learn about how we came to be as an island, a people and a country, Cheshire Hall Plantation is a great way to learn more. Learn how our people developed as a society, prospered as a people, and used our natural resources in a respectful way to become one of the Caribbean’s safest and most economically-secure islands.


  1. Wake to Wake: For our thrill-seeking family guests who are looking for adventure, look no further – you HAVE to visit Wake to Wake! With endless options for exhilarating water activities like wakeboarding, kite boarding and parasailing, their roster of activities is endless. Looking to create an adventure all on your own? Consider renting a boat from Wake to Wake and piloting it yourself, or taking advantage of their own crew to tour you around our waters in style – you can even have them pick you up right at Tip of the Tail’s water access!

 As one of the best Turks and Caicos villa rentals, Tip of the Tail Villa is the perfect base for you and your family to enjoy all that Turks and Caicos has to offer. We’re a family-friendly villa on a family-friendly island, so it’s the perfect storm for an unforgettable vacation.